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Scripted SSL Certificates on the UDR?

I had a HECK of a time attempting to find a clear and concise method to install signed certs onto my UDR for use with the Admin Web Interface and Hotspot Landing Page. I ended up piecing together a method that works and writing a script to automate this process. At the time of writing, this has only been tested on a Unifi Dream Router running UniFi OS 3.2.12


The Following assumes you

  1. Have Extensive knowledge of DNS and its inner workings as pertains the FQDNs involved
  2. Have decent knowledge of LetsEncrypt
  3. Have a working knowledge of the Debian OS and how to create a bash script
  4. Have SSH access to your UDR

Be sure to replace <Your FQDN> and <Your EMAIL> in the code snipped below.

Run this code from the root users home folder

I created this bash script within the root users home folder. I installed nano to create the script because I DETEST vim. After creating the script, I made it executable using chmod +x

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