InternetFriend’s USAF shortwave EAMs 12/03/22


This is the first in a new series about Interesting Radio Broadcasts. We’ll start with one of my favorite YouTube personalities, InternetFriend, whom’st deals with clandestine radio broadcasts. This topic is basically bottomless, so we’ll be barely scratching the surface here.

Above is InternetFriend’s video released an hour ago at the time of writing, which details the captured USAF Shortwave EAM’s for the day.

EAM’s or (E)mergency (A)ction (M)essages are defined by WikiPedia as “a preformatted message that directs nuclear-capable forces”. Which is a fancy way of saying that its an encrypted messaged that the US transmits in case of nuclear forces needing some kind of direction. As InternetFriend has pointed out, to call all of these broadcasts EAM’s is somewhat of a misnomer. They’re more than likely FDM’s or (F)orce (D)irection (M)essages. FDM’s are even less defined outside of the circles they’re meant for than EAM’s.

But the idea is that shortwave radio is used to reliably broadcast short amounts of highly important data to its intended targets anywhere on the globe with literal perfect secrecy as the encryption method used is unbreakable. This method is called OTP or (O)ne (T)ime (P)ad encryption and is itself a topic for another article altogether.

This is achieved using a globally distributed network of radio nodes known as the HFGCS or (H)igh (F)requency (G)lobal (C)ommunications (S)ystem. Again, a whole separate topic on its own. You can checkout another GREAT YouTube personality RingwayManchester and his video titled “The Secret Government Radio Signals I Heard Today!” touches on these nodes.

I hope this article tickles your fancy in a way that inspires you to get out there and explore what is just beyond the façade of reality. 73!

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